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Offering a wide range of Induction Melting Furnace Spare Parts, Induction Heating Furnace Spare Parts, etc., known for their precise design, dimensions toughness and durability.

We deal with our customers with utmost politeness at all times, treating our customer with the utmost respect and patience. As a result we have excellent customer retention and a high percentage of repeat business. We warmly welcome clients' feedback and queries and we promise quick response to these. With this golden opportunity, we thank our all customers for theirs continuous support & patronage.

Following are our core competencies:

1. We are specialized in supplying the spares of Induction Melting units for Induct to therm make furnaces.

2. Conversion of Duraline furnaces from 6MT to 7MT or 8 MT, from 7MT to 8MT furnaces. Similarly from 4MT to 5MT & 5MT to 6 MT. (eg. If power supply is 2750kW with 7MT furnace, then it can be easily upgraded to 8MT to increase the productivity without disturbing the power supply settings.

3. Old Coils can be converted to usable coil for example if you are having 6MT coil it can be converted to 7MT or 8MT coil by using its old copper tube.

4. We can provide upgradation of any kg-kW combination for example if you are having 750kW power supply with 1MT, them the same can be upgraded to 1.5MT to 2MT.

5. Complete set of furnace assembly (Duraline) of any size upto 10MT. Matching with any Inductotherm make Power Supply.

6. Top & Bottom refractory castables from 100kg Duraline to 10MT Furnaces, by its part no. We can also provide Top & Bottom Refractory castables for Steel Shell or Steel frame furnaces by its part nos.

7. We are specialist in supplying magnetic components such as Shunt (Yoke), CLR, di-dt, SCP, HFT etc. equivalent to Inductotherms Part nos.

8. Furnace Selector switch, Input isolation switch and External busbars of any combination of Inductotherm make furnaces.

9. Repairing of any make AC or DC Capacitors

10. Repairing of the furnace assemblies

11. All kind of furnace spares like Water cooled lead, Induction coil by its part no., coil supports, Aluminium Side Plates & aluminium Covers, all kind of furnace insulation material such as FRP sheets & Tapes, Flexo coat hardener & base, Silicon rubber tape, Mica sheets, polyester resins, Mica washers, & All the brass & SS Hardware.

12. Furnace Accessories like Coil Elbow, Spouts, bearings, Tie Rods, all type of pivot & rod end bearings.

13. All kind of Power supply spares like Fuses, Semiconductor devise such as SCR, Diode, IGBT etc., Snubber Resistors & Capacitors, All the control transformers, Selector Switch blades, Carbon free rubber hose and its clamps, temperature sensors.

14. Hydraulic accessories like Cylinder & its Seal kit, Gear Pump & motor, HPU, Flexible Hydraulic hose pipe etc.

15. PHE Plates, Gaskets, DM water Pump etc.

16. All types of Meters and Gauges.

Quality Assurance

In this era of high competition, it is important to provide high quality products consistently, in order to make a mark in the industry. Keeping this in mind, all our products that include Induction Coil, Coil Turns & Coil Restraint Kit, Refractory Top/Bottom Blocks & Tie Rod Kits, Induction Furnace Hydraulic Parts, etc., are thoroughly tested in terms of their quality after their production. In order to carry a precise quality check, we have appointed a panel of expert quality inspectors, who can trace even the smallest of flaw, if any in the products.

Product Range

We are a manufacturer, exporter, importer, supplier and trader of the following products: 

  • Induction Melting Furnace Spare Parts
    • Furnace Assembly Coil, Topibottom Cast & Side Plates
    • Melting Furnace Assembly Including Coil Matching with existing Power Supply of any KW
    • Spare Melting Induction Coil and It's Top/Bottom turns
    • Refractory Castable Blocks (Top/Bottom Cast)
    • Aluminium Side Plates & Front Cover
    • Tie Rods, Bearings, Coil Restraint Kit and Accessories.
  • Scridiodes, IGBT Semiconductor Fuse & Assembly
    • All Types of Inverter / Converter Thyristors and IGBT Modules
    • All Types of Inverter / Converter Diodes and Diode Modules
    • Ail Types of Fast Acting Semiconductor / HRC Fuses
    • Inverter Firing Module
    • Disc Thyristor Clamp Assembly
    • Chill Blocks Etc.
  • HFT, CLR, Furnace Switch, Blade And Water Cooled Cable
    • All Type of Furnace Isolation Switches
    • Isolation Switch Blades
    • Input Switches
    • Input Circuit Breakers (MCCB/ACB)
    • All Types of Water Cooled Leads
    • Various Lead Stud Union ofWater Cooled Cable
    • High Frequency Transformer (HFT)
    • CLR, DI/DT Reactors
  • W.W. Fiesistors, Control Transformer, Snubber Components 8: Power Supply.
    • Power Capacitors
    • Control Transformers
    • CLU CTs, Line CTs and Inverter CTs
    • Snubber Assembly, Snubber Capacitors
    • Snubber Resistors and Snubber Diodes
    • Wire Wound Resistors
    • Air /Water Cooled Resistors 0 Energy Meter Kit
    • Supply Line Spike Suppressor Circuit 0 DC Power Supply and SMPS
  • Carbon Free Hose, Pump, Cylinder, PHE & Seal Kit
    • All Types of Carbon Free Rubber Hose Pipes and It's Clamps
    • All Types of Heat Exchanger Plates (Alfa Laval. SWEP, GEA)
    • Hydraulic Flexible Hose
    • Gear Pumps and Motors for Hydraulic Power Pack Unit
    • Distilled Water Pumps and It's Mechanical Mars Seal.
    • All Types of Hydraulic Cylinders & Its Seal Kit
  • Potential Sensor, Temp. Sensor, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Valve Switches
    • Potential Sensors
    • Temperature Sensors
    • Temperature Switches
    • Pressure Switch, Flow Switch
    • Directional Valve, Solenoid Valve
  • FRP, MICA, Non Asbestose, PEBMAH Wood & Insulating Tapes
    • All Types of Furnace Insulating Material
    • Fibre Glass Tape, Silicon Rubber Tape
    • Non Asbestose Sheets, FRP Sheets
    • Syndanio Sheets. Flexicoat
    • Polyster Resin and Harnders
    • All Types of Permali Wood Coil Supports
  • Induction Heating Furnace Spares
    • All Type of Inverter and
    • Converter Thyristors(SCR)
    • Diodes and Transistor IGBT Modules
    • Semiconductor, HRC Fuses
    • Snubber Components
    • Gear Motors
    • Water Cooled Cables
    • Stud Union
    • Carbon Free Hose
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders and It's Seal Kit
    • Hydraulic Flexible Hose
    • Solenoid Valves and QRCs
    • Temperature Sensors
    • Proximity Sensors
    • Diffuse Sensors
    • AC/DC Drives
    • Pressure/Flow Switches
    • Temperature Switches
    • Distilled Water Pumps

Services Offered

We offer the following services:

  • Annual Servicing and Maintenance Contracts for Complete Power Supply with Furnace Assembly of All Leading Manufacturers of Induction Furnace Supplier.
  • New Furnace Assembly ( 100 KG To 10 TON) Suitable With Existing Power Supply Unit.
  • Absolute Project Consulting for Purchasing of New induction Furnace.
  • We ensure Modifications as well as Repairs for old Furnaces With Warranted Cost Saving and Reconditioning of Induction Furnace Assembly, Water Cool Lead, Induction Melting Coil etc.

Client Satisfaction

Ours is a client centric firm and therefore, we devote utmost importance towards understanding the requirements of our clients and catering to them accordingly. As a result of our client based nature, we have assigned a separate team of client servicing executives, who remain in regular contact with our patrons. This helps us to understand the changing requirements of clients and hence, are able to come up with the most preferred products.

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